want to offer a workshop?
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or contact us: transtionnord@cell.lu

+ 352 89 93 31 - 1 (Naturpark Öwersauer: 8h00 - 17h00)

Workshops from 14:00 to 18:00 or according to your availability

Shared Dinner:19h00-20h00

Want to help out?

This is a completely self-organising, do-it-ourselves event, so it needs volunteers to make it a success.

Everyone is welcome to get involved with organising the event and making it run smoothly on the day.  There are plenty of things that need to happen, and they can all be quite fun with a few people working together.

If you see anything else that needs doing, or anyone who needs help, jump right in!

Helpers are needed from 10am to prepare the site.

Things to bring

Anything you can bring will contribute to the success of the event. It’s not essential to bring anything, but you might like to bring:

  • Food to share for dinner, and reusable picnic supplies – plates, cutlery, cups and drinks.

  • Mainly school material, but also clothes, toys, seeds and other useful things that you don’t need anymore but someone else might, to give away at the swap "Free your stuff".

  • Broken things to be repaired at the "Repair Café".

  • Pen and notebook and/or a photo camera

  • Games to play – could be card or board games, facepaint and carnival disguise (also for kids),