The purpose of the festival is to develop the skills we need to build resilient communities, learn from each other, strengthen links between generations, and form networks.

The festival also demonstrates the potential of a gift economy, and happens completely without money.  There is no cost to attend and no-one is paid for organising or participating.

This is a participant-driven event.  Everyone who attends is invited to contribute towards creating and organising the event, by running a skillshare activity, hosting a game, playing music, bringing food for a shared dinner, helping out on the day, and contributing to the swap’n'share.  The festival will be entirely what you make it.  There are no spectators, only participants!

     Contact us  if you have an activity you would like to add to the program, or if you would like to help out with organising!

Together we can create a festival that shows what a resilient community looks like.